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Wool Mattress Toppers, Pads, Comforters, & Pillows

Do you want better, deeper, and more relaxing sleep? The specially selected and processed wool that we use at Cuddle Ewe has a unique and buoyant resiliency that gently yields to the contours of your entire body so that its weight is supported and diffused more evenly over your mattress. Your weight is much less concentrated at hips, shoulders, and other contact points with you bed and you feel lighter – as if floating. This cradled comfort enables you to drift to sleep sooner and also sleep longer in one position. As a result, you won’t toss and turn as much and you will experience a more restful sleep. And when you awake, you will feel physically regenerated. Or as one Underquilt owner stated, your body “feels happy.” So if you want a great night’s sleep, wool products from Cuddle Ewe is the answer.

The wool that we use to make our mattress topperscomforters, and pillows is natural Cheviot wool.

This is one of the softest and best styles of wool and is only found in one place in the world: the Cheviot Hills separating England and Scotland. Essentially though, we use this type of wool because it has been proven to stay soft for longer periods of time than other varieties of wool, including from New Zealand.

Wool also has other benefits that make it superior for mattress toppers and comforters as opposed to those made from synthetic materials. It stays warm in the winter and, to the surprise of many, it stays cool and dry in the summer. This is because wool wicks away sweat and other moisture from the body as you sleep, allowing you to stay dry. If you are sick of tossing and turning, flipping the pillow over because it’s too hot, and just overall having interrupted sleep, consider a wool mattress topper, comforter, or pillow from Cuddle Ewe. We are sleep pros.

Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool mattress toppers from Cuddle Ewe will have you sleeping great, uninterrupted. When you use a mattress topper from Cuddle Ewe, you will wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day, rather than groggy and hitting the ol’ snooze button. This is because our organic wool mattress toppers disperse the pressure points with which your body rests on the bed, which in turn allows your body to completely relax, rather than having specific points working all night to support your body. So if you want a completely relaxing night’s sleep, consider a wool mattress topper from Cuddle Ewe. After sleeping on it, you’ll never want to take a trip again as it’ll mean a night away from your bed.

Wool Comforters

Cuddle Ewe Wool comforters allow for an incredibly relaxing night’s sleep as they are very warm in the winter and, in the summer, due to the fact that they wick away sweat, are dry and cool. This makes wool comforters to have great temperature stability as they don’t get too hot or cool. And when your body stays at the same temperature all night, you are able to sleep better and uninterrupted.

Cheviot Wool Pillows

Do you get sick of turning your pillow over in the middle of the night because it gets too hot? You want the cool side. Well, with the temperature stability of a wool pillow, you won’t need to do that anymore. And the softness of our organic Cheviot wool pillows will cradle your head and neck and enable you to wake up feeling great. If you go through pillows every six months or so because you can’t find a good one, consider trying a wool pillow from Cuddle Ewe. We guarantee you won’t regret it and it will last much longer than pillows made from synthetic materials.

The Comforts of Wool Bedding Products

The organic Cheviot wool that we work with at Cuddle Ewe makes for an incredibly relaxing night’s sleep. It helps treat physical conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. And it helps people with sleep disorders. So if you are looking for a good night’s sleep for once, consider the wool products from Cuddle Ewe. We encourage you to look through our products and are convinced you won’t be disappointed. 


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