WordPress Maintenance Services

What Is A WordPress Maintenance Service?

WordPress is a great open source CMS,  a content management system. Its a website creation tool capable of creating almost any type of web presence. WordPress is so popular that nearly 1/3 of the websites use WordPress. 

Creating sites with WordPress is great. However classical work style of Digital Agencies are most likely to fail. Here is how it works in classical workflow.

1- You will find a digital agency to create a beautiful website for you. 
2- You agree on a fixed price and get your web site on time.
3- You will request some enhancement for the next tree months and will be delivered to you no problems.
4- The agency will say bye bye to you and you are alone now.
5- Soon you will realize that you need a lot of more work to be done continuously. 
6- You will add some blog posts and put some ad-words PPC to get traffic


Why Do You Need WordPress Maintenance Service?

WordPress grows fast with thousands of programmers contributing on a daily basis. New plugins, new themes, new versions, database and hosting technologies  and several updates happen continuously. Some of these outperform and some will slow down or even break your site.

Basic Care Features To Expect

Updates & Installs

Security & Backups



Extra Features To Expect

SEO Optimization

Lead Generation & Marketing


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